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            1. 首頁
            首頁 簡介



            臺日部品工業股份有限公司 TJ PARTS INDUSTRY Co.,LTD
            TJP商標的T即以三條線表達(三方善)的概念 The letter "T" for TJP logo
               顧客 供應商 與本公司之間,
            sliced by three lines, shows the traditional belief   supported and shared among the distinguished merchant in Ohmi district in Japan, "Be good for three parties, sellers, buyers and society". Along the same spirit we believe we can grow only when the three parties, end users, distributors and suppliers get happy together.
                  FTpjaAwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==                                        FTpjaAwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==
            品質目標: Quality goal
            Work hard to meet customers’quality level and needs.
            以0ppm為目標,並維持0ppm Share the quality goal by all the staff.
            Aim at 0 ppm and sustain.

            服務內容: 扣件部品販賣交易

            主要服務地區:日韓, 北美, 歐洲, 全國地區